Bush and Beach

Nestled in a rustic bush cottage, or settled in a beach house whose toes almost touch the sand — we welcome you to a place where time slows down and moves with the natural flow of light. It is nature’s invitation to reset, revive and feed our souls with a slice of heaven, in the form of beach and bush.

If you’ve got 5 nights to spare — your first stop welcomes you to the quaint town of Salem, which translates to ‘peace’ in Xhosa. Usually seen as a stopover town en route to Kenton-On-Sea, Salem homes our four secret secluded cottages. Located in a wonderfully unspoiled landscape, Burlington Bush Cottages bring you home to an intimate, blissful existence in the bush. It’s up to you as to how you wish to spend the hours of the day, adjusting your clock to settle in sync with nature. This natural haven is territory to extensive birdlife, otter colonies, and herds of free-roaming game.

After a couple days of country living, take in the wildflowers and rolling hills during your 40-minute trip down to the coast. Transition yourself from bush to beach, and spend your days in paradise — discovering beaches, boating on the rivers, and experiencing Africa’s wildlife, while staying in a beach house in Kenton-On-Sea — where the air is salty and the skies eternal.

If you’d like to linger a little longer, we encourage you to start your road trip further up north, and treat yourself to a more luxurious package — come spend three nights in the most enchanting place at the land at the top of the Magic Fig Tree — where the abounding view unravels as far as the eyes can travel. Camp Figtree is a sanctuary set up in the heart of nature, providing peace, tranquility and comfort, and delicious food. Despite its minimal footprint on the earth, the space it occupies is perfectly formed for functionality and luxury.

No matter which location you reside in, staying with The Oyster Collection is like coming home after a long journey – an escape from the urban hustle. Mornings will be spent catching the early sun rays on the verandah. The birds will be joining for brunch, as you indulge in your culinary extravaganzas with your loved one. Snoozing after lunch becomes a ritual. Then onto the afternoon explorations. Light the fires and dine under the stars to say goodbye to the day. The hours are yours, time passes slowly here.