March Cape Events

Marching Towards Adventure

A fun-filled month is on the horizon. Whether you’re an adventurous traveller or leisurely supporter, the Western and Eastern Cape are hosting major events set in beautiful natural landscapes that you won’t want to miss.

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All Roads Lead to Cape Town

The world’s biggest time bike race in the world, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, is gearing up for its 46th edition. Then, the Cape Town Carnival 2024 takes centre stage, with festivities for all things “weird, wacky, and wonderful,” taking place just down the road from Blackheath Lodge.
Cape Town Cycle Tour: 10 March Cape Town Carnival: 16 March

Blackheath Lodge Cape Town

Celebrate Cape Town

 Sprinting to Addo 

Thrilling races will see runners making their way across the African wilderness with routes through Camp Figtree, making it the perfect stop for a quick jump in the pool mid-way! Participants staying with us will enjoy a welcome pack, breakfast, transfer, and a lager once they make it back.
Addo Elephant Trail Run: 22 – 24 March

Camp Figtree

Experience Addo

Where will this month’s adventures lead you?