The Oyster Box Redefined

Fifteen years ago, Nic and Louise Poole stumbled across this stunning Kenton property adjacent to the Bushman’s River, pondered on its humble foundations and prime location, and built up their idyllic seaside escape, overlooking one of the most magnificent stretches of beach on the Sunshine Coast. Carrying the name “The Oyster Box, ” this holiday home was the couple’s first acquisition, ultimately resulting in the 15 properties that make up the Oyster Collection today.

The contemporary beach house has just been renovated and re-decorated to maximise its incredible views and almost immediate access to the lagoon, the ocean, the dunes, and the long stretch of sand that goes on for miles.

The Collection’s most cherished holiday home now stands bold and edgy, with wood cladding and charcoal tones on the home’s sea-facing exterior, which will withstand the weather and age beautifully. In addition, the interior has been designed with a South African eclectic flair, exuding style and comfort in every inch of its interior. Set on two levels of dining, reclining, and entertaining spaces… With two gorgeous ensuite bedrooms and two rooms for the kids – a fabulous kitchen and lounge, with a tiered outdoor deck – where the swimming pool, sun loungers, and outdoor dining areas sit – the Oyster Box is the epitome of a perfect beach holiday home that generously welcomes a party of 8 of your favourite people.

Staying at The Oyster Box, you will spend the first moments of your mornings sipping a hot coffee on the deck as you witness a pod of dolphins greet the day. Then, you’ll wade out into the warmer waters of the Bushman’s River – for hours on end – skimming the waves, paddling across the estuary, and galloping over never-ending dunes. You’ll watch as swimmers, fishermen, kayakers, boogie-boarders, booze-cruisers, sun-tanners, and sand castle aficionados perfect their skills in the sunshine.

The action is endless until the sun indicates it’s time to settle on the deck with a couple of bottles of crisp sauvignon blanc, as the cooks prepare a feast in the evening seaside air. The lagoon mouth lends that perfect, ever-changing view all day long, occasionally breaking and merging into one beautiful body of water. Bring your gin and berries for indulgent G&Ts, because that’s what The Oyster Box Beach House is all about: sunshine, simple pleasures, and easy, luxury living. Retreat to the Upstairs Luxury Suite for a night spent in a luxurious and spacious room with its own lounge, desk, bar, luxurious bathroom, private balcony, plasma TV, iPod dock, and telescope. And most importantly, a shower and loo with a view. The Downstairs Luxury Suite, too, has a private lounge, bar, and delectable bathroom, with direct access to the deck. On a very exciting ending note, The Oyster Collection celebrated 15 Years of hospitality in December 2022. We are so proud that our journey started with this humble holiday home on the Kenton coastline.