Owner of The Oyster Collection with her son on the beach in Kenton-on-Sea

Discover What Makes The Oyster Collection Special

Creating an exceptional holiday experience goes beyond providing luxurious accommodations. At The Oyster Collection, it’s about creating a sense of belonging and contentment, making our guests feel like they’ve come home. We pride ourselves on being true “hospitalitarians,” dedicated to delivering a “wow” factor along with comfort and calm, ensuring our guests have no desire to leave.

A Warm Welcome

From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with a warm welcome and a comprehensive orientation. Our personalized interactions and carefully curated itineraries are designed to enhance each guest’s stay, turning their travel dreams into reality. The eclectic elegance of our properties is matched by our genuine love of welcoming discerning travelers as returning friends.

Authentic South African Hospitality

South Africa is a very special place. Our goal extends beyond being recognized as a premier niche hospitality brand. We aim to be true ambassadors of our thoughtfully selected destinations, providing an authentic and heartfelt experience deeply rooted in the warmth of South African hospitality. We strive to leave an enduring memory in the hearts of every traveler we host.

A Family-Owned Legacy

The Oyster Collection’s story is one of coming home. Family-owned and family-run, our warm and inclusive ethos is evident in everything we do, from welcoming guests to nurturing our team members. Our journey began in 2007 with the opening of The Oyster Box Beach House in Kenton-on-Sea, laying the foundation for what has grown into a family of exceptional properties, each with a unique story to tell.

Home Away From Home

Our family of hotels epitomizes the elusive factor that transforms a luxurious stay into a home away from home. Warm hospitality, sincere service, and unparalleled passion are ingrained in every team member. Rooted in family values and a relentless pursuit of excellence, our commitment to infusing every experience with warmth and authenticity is palpable in every property and every guest interaction.

Personalized Guest Experiences

Every guest at The Oyster Collection is treated to a bespoke experience tailored to their individual preferences. Whether it’s a private dinner on the beach, a guided tour of local attractions, or a personalized wellness retreat, we go above and beyond to make each stay memorable. Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide recommendations, assist with arrangements, and ensure that every detail is perfect.

Continuing the Legacy

With every stay, The Oyster Collection strives to capture the essence that inspired us to create The Oyster Box Beach House all those years ago. We remain dedicated to providing a unique and unforgettable experience that makes guests feel truly at home.

Ready to experience the unique charm of The Oyster Collection? Contact us and book your stay and discover the warmth and hospitality that set us apart.